SOARING temperatures across the UK this week mean most of us have been sweating more than usual.

But if you’ve noticed that your armpits smell worse all of a sudden then it could be down to your diet.

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If you have started to smell worse than usual then your diet could be to blame[/caption]

Sweating is your body’s way of telling you that it’s time to cool down and we often sweat a lot when we are exercising or when we are in stressful situations.

Dermatologist Joshua Zeichner said there is plenty you can do to avoid smelly pits such as using deodorants and keeping yourself clean.

He added that there are other little known issues that might be having an impact on how bad your armpits smell.

Speaking to Women’s Health he revealed that a change in diet can have an impact of the smells your body releases.

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Foods like cabbage can have an impact on the way you smell [/caption]

“Odor depends on the various types of bacteria found on the skin, along with the different types of food you are eating.

“By eating high levels of certain foods, such as cruciferous vegetables, the odor of sweat may be altered.”

Cruciferous vegetables are healthy and nutritious but eating large portions could cause your pits to smell.

Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower all come under this remit and are traditionally vegetables that are responsible for smelly farts.

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Stressful situations can also increase the amount you sweat[/caption]

Dr Zeichner said the reason your pits are smelling after eating these foods is because the body struggles to break them down.

He added that sulfurous foods such as those mentioned above, along with garlic, contain compounds are hard for your body to break down.

The metabolic processes release volatile compounds that then evaporate off the body by releasing an odor – hence why you smell worse than usual.

He also claimed that stress was another reason why your arm pits might be smelling more than usual.

This he said is due to the excess sweat that is produced when we are stressed.

Another reason could be that you’ve developed a medical condition.

Conditions such as liver disease, diabetes and kidney failure could also be responsible.

How do I stop the stench?

If you’re pits are smelling more than usual then it could be worth reviewing your diet.

Keeping clean, taking regular showers and using deodorants is one way to make sure you stay fresh.

There are various deodorants that are available and more than ever natural deodorants have started to creep onto our shelves.

One expert said you need to work out what’s right for your body before choosing an antiperspirant.

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Making sure you use deodorant and shower regularly will help [/caption]

Ed Currie, co-founder of deodorant brand Akt said: “You have to remember that the underarms are one of the most sensitive areas of the body with a huge concentration of lymph nodes.

“They’re a delicate area and need to be taken care of.”

Speaking to The Sun he added: “At the root of it, sweating is extremely natural and there are many reasons for it, including exercise, anxiety, health conditions, and in women, pregnancy, menopause and menstruation.

“Your sweat levels can also be affected by certain foods, particularly those that stimulate the release of insulin in your body. During hot weather body odour is inevitable if you aren’t using a good deodorant.

“The microbes on your skin metabolise sweat, which is what causes body-odour. In hot weather the microbes found in your underarms have the perfect conditions to reproduce and metabolise sweat more effectively. “

But if the issue can’t be taken care of with a simple deodorant there are other solutions.

Dr Zeichner said chemical deodorants are available on prescription.

These contain ultra-high levels of aluminum salt and plug within the sweat gland to prevent it from reaching the surface of the skin.

He also said in extreme cases, botox can be given to help.

“Botox prevents the nerve signal from reaching and stimulating the sweat gland to begin with”, he said.

This stops the area that has been injected from sweating but he warned that the injections only last a few months and would need to be topped up accordingly.


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