Meera Sodha’s vegan recipe for aubergine koftas in tomato and spinach sauce | The new vegan


Spicy, satisfying lumps of aubergine fried in garlicky oil, then nestled in a pungent tomatoey sauce

The aubergine is a shape-shifter. It’s hard to imagine, when you cut into that spongy, bright white flesh, the many-faceted things you could create, from crisp morsels to creamy dips such as baba ganoush (and even a rude emoji). In today’s recipe, the aubergine is transformed into kofta, or Indian meatballs for want of a better description, which are not at all meaty, but are loveable, spiced and satisfying lumps nevertheless. Here they are nestled into their happy place, a garam masala-spiced tomato sauce.

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