Mussels, haddock and more: recipes from Scotland’s Seafood Shack


Dishes from the Ullapool restaurant’s fresh-off-the-boat-menu, including smoked haddock macaroni cheese and creamy crab linguine, are compiled in a new cookbook

“We can eat langoustines whenever we want,” says Fenella Renwick. “We’re lucky.” Renwick is at the Seafood Shack in Ullapool, on the north-west coast of Scotland, which she co-owns with Kirsty Scobie. It’s 9am, Scobie’s partner, a creel fisherman, has dropped off crab claws and langoustines, and they’re sketching out the day’s menu. Renwick thinks they should fry the langoustines in plenty of garlic butter, sprinkle over some thyme and serve them with a chunk of bread. “They’ll fly out,” she says. “People love them.”

“Fenella will have them for breakfast,” Scobie says, “straight out the pan.”

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