Nigel Slater’s recipes for chicken with avocado, and gooseberry trifle


Lunch outside in the sun calls for fresh greens and juicy fruits

There’s a thick canopy of leaves over the garden table, lending shade to our lunch. The light is green, the air cool. It feels like eating underwater. We have chicken salad, the skin smoky and black from the grill, the meat juicy from an overnight soak with orange, honey and rosemary. After a rest to gather its juices, the warm chicken is tossed with avocado and refreshing, slightly bitter oranges. There are purple spring onions thinner than a pencil, too, and masses of parsley. I have put a bowl of watercress out as well, tossed with nothing more than the juice of a lemon and a few white-tipped breakfast radishes.

The meat is juicy from an overnight soak with orange, honey and needles of rosemary

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