Róisín Murphy: ‘In my pregnancy I was fed like a goose being fattened up’


The singer-songwriter talks about her mum’s proper dinners, the horror of andouillette, and working on an empty stomach

I don’t worry about getting food on my clothes. I don’t have any respect for my clothes once I’m wearing them. But I do really like dressing for meals and floating to the table. I once sat for a big dinner in a bikini.

There was an advert for a department store in the 70s in which Faye Dunaway cooked an egg, cracked and peeled off the shell very slowly and then ate it, with classical music in the background. It’s the best piece of acting anyone’s ever done. I put some of it in Exploitation, the first video I directed. I also did a video for Let Me Know in which I danced through a greasy spoon, wearing a white hat which looked like a plaice.

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