The meal kits from restaurants you can plate up at home


Getting a little tired of your own cooking? There are new ways round it, says Jay Rayner

The bleakest of crises can also gift us the most impressive of innovations. The Second World War gave us radar and rocket propulsion. This pandemic has given us… evolved restaurant food delivery. Oh, what a time to be alive and hankering after a bit of dinner. OK, it doesn’t enable airliners to avoid colliding and falling to earth in a devastating fireball. Nor does it empower us to reach the moon. But it does allow us to have a nice time. In the current circumstances, we should take it where we can get it.

Another review of takeaways? Not quite. I’m intrigued by the way restaurants that would never before have imagined their food being available to eat outside their premises have started to innovate. Consider it an act of business rehabilitation, a kind of economic physio to get the body moving again. Clearly it requires thought and care. Ravinder Bhogal of Jikoni in London’s Marylebone has put an awful lot of thought and care into it. Full disclosure: she’s a dear friend, but I’m not going to let the small matter of liking someone get in the way of writing positively about the marvellous things they’re doing.

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