My partner and I have our own properties but lockdown led to us choosing to stay in one together

Q My partner and I each have a house of our own and while we originally split our time between the two, we gradually started spending a little more time at one rather than the other.

During the coronavirus lockdown we chose to stay in just one house to form a bubble and we currently spend all of our time in one house, with the other left pretty much empty other than when friends or relatives use it now and again.

We are worried about council tax. We both pay single occupancy on our own properties but due to the recent situation we are worried about being “found out” for actually having two of us in one house. If we did pay full council tax for the property we both stay in, what are the implications for the other house (including insurance etc)?

A Judging by what it says in Paying the right level of council tax in England, published by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government in May 2019, you are right to be worried about council tax.

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