Exercising discretion over lockdown rules


Allotment holders should be allowed to tend to their plots for short periods, says Christopher Jenkins, while Sarah Munro and Prof Andrew Russell plead for more considerate behaviour during these trying times

Each week my wife and I, both in our 60s, work on our allotment. The plot is on a large piece of land and at any one time there may be 20 people across the site, busy digging, watering and planting crops. We are separated by sizeable distances and in passing may say hello, but this is not a place of chat: it is a place of effort and exercise. We grow our own food, subject to ensuring that during March and early April we plant our preferred vegetable crops. It’s a healthy exercise in the fresh air, and one that contributes to the local environment and insect species, and helps us have a healthy diet.

If the movement restrictions apply to the half-mile walk to our allotment and to working there for a few hours, not only will we fail to plant what is needed, but also anything planted so far will die (Coronavirus lockdown rules: what you can and cannot do, 24 March).

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