Fashion hacks: 10 ways to bring new life to your wardrobe without shopping


With more of us wanting to save on waste and spend less money, making the most of what we have got could not feel more timely. Here’s how the experts do it

The jumpsuit that sporadically pops open and bares my bra. The T-shirt with a weirdly wobbly hem. The wrap dress my husband tells me looks “a bit Tory party conference”. I’m not proud to admit that my wardrobe contains many misfires. There are items that don’t fit, don’t suit me or which feel like souvenirs from a forgotten identity crisis. There are cherished gems, yes, but they are bookended by many more examples of buyer’s remorse.

But all is not lost. An increased interest in repairs and upcycling – seen everywhere from the rise of alterations businesses on Depop to the new repair “concierge” at Selfridges – could bring such unloved garms back to life. And with charity shops overflowing – and more of us wanting to save on waste, spend less money and keep our clothes for longer – making the most of what we have got could not feel more timely. You don’t need sewing skills to spin your wardrobe – all of the tips below could be taken to a professional – though you may need some time, and to think about your clothing a bit differently.

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