Rod Stewart has led the way as kids and bigger kids rediscover the pleasure of laying tracks in the attic

It started with a standard Scalextric set: two slot cars, some track, a 10-year-old boy and his enthusiastic father. Six months later, Ben Martin has a 75ft raceway in his loft and a growing collection of cars.

“I went down a rabbit hole with my son,” Martin said. “There was a time when the postman was bringing track every day. He was laughing, ‘What’s all this about?’ But you can never have too many straights. It’s fulfilling a childhood dream. I played with Scalextric with my brother and I always wanted a track in the loft that lived there, that you could use whenever you wanted, not just taking over the living room for a few days before your parents made you pack it up and maybe get it out months later.”

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