My daughter wants to quit college, but still have us pay her rent


I’m not too impressed with her assumption that the bank of Mum and Dad should continue to pay out, says Mariella

The dilemma After a gap year, my daughter is in her first year at university. She really doesn’t find her course interesting and wants to quit. However, she wants to carry on living with her friends and has committed to renting a house with them. She thinks we should continue to pay her rent, which we would do if she was attending the course. It’s a financial struggle for us, and my husband is totally against it.

I understand her reasoning – if we would fund her to do a degree she is not interested in and have a miserable year, why wouldn’t we pay her to live with her friends and do her own thing? We said she needs to work and figure out a way to pay her own way, but we’re wondering realistically what jobs will be available by September.

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