Nina Sosanya: ‘My greatest regret is not having a dog’


The actor, 51, on her idyllic childhood, fixing clockwork devices and learning to be less scared of spiders

My childhood was idyllic. It was full of animals. We rescued goats and chickens and geese. I grew up in north London, but the rest of my family was in Lincolnshire, so we were always shuttling back and forth. My childhood was a cross between the Famous Five and Hundred Acre Wood. I was sporty and a bookworm, a city girl and a farm girl.

I don’t throw anything away. It’s not that I’m a hoarder, I just always think I’m going to find a use for something and I can’t bear to let something go off into the great unknown. I live for that moment when you finally find a use for something you’ve kept for five years and has been ruining your house.

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