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Re your report (England and Wales cricket clubs face ‘lost summer’ amid lockdown, 24 June), basketball is a contact sport, played indoors with a ball frequently handled by players. Cricket is played outside, physically distanced, featuring a ball I’ve often not touched for hours on end while loitering at deep square leg. Basketball is allowed post-lockdown, recreational cricket still banned. Am I missing something?
Steve Wells
Claygate, Surrey

• As someone who was, for 14 years, a trustee of the Pells Pool Community Association, and after a career that included seven years as part of a clinical mathematical modelling unit at UCL and ten years specialising in public health statistics, I can only sympathise with Libby Brooks (‘It’s a social lifeline’: swimmers frustrated as UK lidos stay shut, 26 June). I too am completely unable to fathom what part of “the science” is keeping outdoor swimming pools closed.
Meic Goodyear

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