Romesh Ranganathan: We’re having a romantic weekend away – just me, my wife… and the kids


Are we bringing them just so we’re not faced with the realisation that they’re the only thing keeping us together?

It was our 10-year wedding anniversary last week, and my wife and I decided to head to a hotel with the kids. This alone was a source of controversy among friends (and by friends, I mean my wife’s, as I obviously don’t discuss weekends away with my mates for fear of being called a boring bastard). Apparently, if you want to enjoy a romantic weekend away, there is absolutely no way you should take your children.

My wife and I always choose to go away with our children. When we got married, we couldn’t afford a long honeymoon, so we had a night away at a hotel. Our eldest son was just under one, and we didn’t want to be away from him, so we had him in a cot with us. I suspected that the appeal of this might wane as he got older and we had more kids. Obviously, when you have your first kid, it’s all one-to-one time and taking endless photos. By the time you have the third, you are happy to leave them in a cupboard for a week with a family-size box of cereal.

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